Fully Fashioned Knitwear, Performance Fabrics, 3D Knitting - 100% American Made

InnovaKnits is a Top Quality Contract Manufacturer servicing the Fully Fashioned Knitwear and Apparel Market! We are dedicated to using our 30+ years of garment manufacturing experience to bring the intricate patterns and designs of our customers to life. Utilizing the latest Stoll Flatbed Knitting technologies, we are producing the Highest Quality Knitwear in the World right here in the USA!


We have 30+ years experience in Knitwear and Apparel, as well as experience in Medical Textiles and Performance Fabrics. We have worked in R and D and New Product Development specifically for the last 5 years, so we are adept at helping create and launch products!


On occasion we can provide materials (yarn, bags, buttons, zippers, cardboard, etc) for our customers, but more commonly we add value to this step by steering them in the correct direction for sourcing materials themselves! We know many other companies within the industry that offer low minimums and quick turns on a myriad of different raw materials!


Fast track Sample Development is one of our Fortes! This is the reason we are in business! Please contact us through Maker's Row or visit us online for a services / pricing outline.


American Made textile production is our other forte! We can handle lot sizes of up to 1,000+ pieces, depending on the style! Please contact us if you are in need of HIGH QUALITY domestic Production through Maker's Row or visit us on the web.