INDUSTRY SPECIALIST: Handbags + Small Leather Goods

With over 7 years experience as Creative Director of her own handbag line, Jayne has gained skills and expertise in every aspect of the handbag/accessory design, product development and manufacturing process. She has a unique combination of creative and analytical skills, am passionate about product development, sourcing, innovation and business development. She loves the entire product development process!

Below is a highlight of experiences, skills and services that Jayne can provide:

- Translate fashion/color trends and visual merchandising skills into successful product designs
-Expertise and proven ability to combine color and texture to create stunning, top selling products
- Secured suppliers for raw... (more)


Industry Specialists are for those brands and designers who are looking for more hands-on guidance and assistance through the product development and production process. Industry Specialists are industry veterans with years of experience sourcing and producing for their own brands. They can help with: - Ideation - Product development - Budgeting - Business plans - Project management and organization - Finding the right supplier and/or manufacturing partner - Marketing and sales advice