Handmade Leather Pattern/Sample maker in Jersey City

Hand-made manufacturer of leather goods. Takes into consideration the products durability, functionality, when, where it will be used and worn while keeping it fashionable. Each product is produced from passion and inspiration.

Expertise in Hangbags, pet accessories, leather, canvas, and more!

our name, lenape, is inspired by an indian-amercan tribe that was located in what is now new jersey, eastern pennsylvania, southeastern new york state, northern delaware and a small part of southeastern connecticut. our turtle icon is inspired by one of the three lenape tribes that signifies our strength of overcoming a slow and struggling pace to help inspire others.


consultations plus a "dummy" version (pre-sample) of the product can be made.


creation of patterns for the product/item.


outsource when required.


by hand.


mass production is done in a personal workspace in jersey city, nj.