Motti Lerer helps you bring your concept to life.

Motti Lerer uses the latest computer aided design technology to improve and expedite the design process and ensure product quality. We approach each idea individually, to guarantee a custom solution that allows you to control the process and create the exact outcome you want.


We meet and communicate with you as much as you need, and help you refine your product idea. We tailor your idea to best fit the costumers you are trying to attract.


We work with the latest 3D computer design technology to provide you with a virtual 3D sample of your product that you can review and give us feedback about. We will consult with you and make changes to the virtual sample until you are completely satisfied, then we will produce a physical sample.


We provide all the necessary molds and materials required for production.


We will produce your product in the United States. You also have the option of producing your product through a company that we work with in the Philippines.