Leather Supplier

Since its inception in late 1977 in New York City, Libra Leather has established itself as a pioneer in the American fashion industry by carving out a niche in a market for leather skins that heretofore did not exist.

For decades since then, Libra Leather has brought and stocked premium skins from all over the world to the American market and made them readily available to all fashion, home décor, and accessories designers. Mitch Alfus, the founder, was able to develop cutting edge techniques and pave the way for the newest international fashion trends.

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Equipment & Machinery:


Schedule an appointment with one of our sales representatives so you can have a one on one meeting where you can discuss your needs and requirements. Once we understand what you need we will help you find it and keep a one on one relationship with you.


Found a leather quality you fell in love with and want to reproduce in your own colors or prints? We can help you develop you leather skins for your sampling pieces.


We help you source and develop the best and most suitable quality for your project. We find the quality you need at the price point you request, you send us your color standard, we take care of the rest. Our network of tanneries have all sorts of minimum ranges to produce the leather you need. We are able to work with low to very large quantities.