A perfumed Life

A long time staple on the shelves of some of Santa Barbara’s most exclusive Boutiques, including Lily, Angel, Wendy Foster Downtown & Upstairs at Pierre LaFond and Wendy Foster Los Olivos. Also now at Jennifer Nicholson's Pearl Drop Studio in Venice, CA. Lissa hand formulates in small batches to insure the highest quality. She uses certified Organic Grape Alcohol or Jojoba oil as the base for all of her Perfume formulas. Precious absolutes, resins, essential oils and attars are globally sourced and animal musks are never used. Lissa also formulates and hand pours luxury soy votives using food grade waxes,... (more)


Absolutely! Every client is different and every scent profile is different. I work with clients from conception to launch of a new candle line. No minimums required. I really love helping a small boutique or business get a line of signature candles going to add to their brand.


I do make samples of everything before going into full production and can provide samples for the stores to send to potential customers as well.


I personally formulate and hand pour every candle.