Following your passion starts here.

Lockstitch is an apparel development company based in Denver, CO. With the goal of providing answers to both new and established designers trying to grow their brand and navigate the apparel industry, Lockstitch provides a wide range of services, access to a network of creative people, and additional talent to take product from ideation to market.

Lockstitch was founded by Amira Kalback, who after spending many years in the corporate fashion industry as a product developer and technical designer, branched out to use her skills to help budding designers enter the apparel world.


Lockstitch provides research into the overall trends for upcoming seasons will help in designing the perfect garments for your collection. From there we help with the development of garment sketches, fabric selection, and overall merchandising of collection for a fluid look.


Lockstitch can provide pattern-drafting based on sketch, photo, or existing garment to provide a starting point for prototyping. This pattern is based off of the initial tech pack and can be created by hand or digitally.


Lockstitch has the ability to source a wide variety of materials, from various vendors.


Prototyping product in actual or available fabric and trims. First proto can be used for fit/design changes. Then, together, we can determine a basic grade rule for your company based on your target customer and search for a fit model to those standards. Fit sessions are the time to adjust any fit or design elements to the product in order to finalize pattern and tech packs for production.