We specialize in small batch, couture production, and 3D CAD design for jewelry

Milad Atelier offers a unique blend of experience! Our long history of jewelry manufacturing allows us to have a superior eye for one-of-a-kind production and computer aided design, we are comfortable with even the most complicated jewelry designs. Our services are best suited for designers with unique aesthetics and looking to make small batch production or couture production.

We accept traditional drawing designs and will return to you a digital file of your design as well as a 3D model. We also offer manufacturing services of casting and finishing. Our portfolio leans toward the traditional, but we are comfortable with... (more)


We assist with assuring the integrity of the design to final product. Will your dream design hold up to daily wear- we can make sure it does!


Our specialty is small batch production and couture jewelry production. We also specialize in providing quality 3D models and CAD designs of jewelry.


Although we do not do large scale or mass production- Our focus is on hand made small batch or couture production.