Designed by an artist and an architect.

Designed and crafted in Chicago by an artist, an architect, and their robots. Justin Walker and Annie Mohaupt thoughtfully craft products by combining traditional artisanal techniques with emerging technologies. We proudly produce our design in the USA from sustainably sourced materials.


With nearly 20 years of product design under our belts, we can help shape your idea into something workable. We will approach your ideas from an architectural and artisanal approach using 3D manufacturing techniques including laser cutting and cnc milling.


Design and functionality are at the core of what we do. We can assist you in the pattern making phase using the same combination of architectural and artistic approach we use in designing our own products.


After being in business for over 12 years we have gained great experience and knowledge in material usage and acquisition.


We can help bring your design to life using our small factory of robots. Mohop is a combination of an architect and an artist with over a decade of advanced manufacturing experience.


We opened our factory in 2005 and have developed it from a small basement workshop to now an advanced manufacturing facility. We can help assist you with optimizing your production needs and goals.


We are set up to assist you with small runs up to 300 pieces. Larger batches on case by case scenario.