Domestic and International Handbag Manufacturing

I am a leather handbag, tech case, and SLG manufacturer with 5 years of experience in product development, sourcing and product development. My network of factories (domestic and abroad) can help you through every step of your design development.

Pre and post production consulting services available to small businesses and beginners.

Equipment & Machinery:


We can help edit ideas by giving real examples of material and component costing. We can help our clients decide where to spend and where to splurge when it comes to material selection and customization.


We offer professional pattern making services for handbags


We can source raw leathers, lining and trims, as well as create custom hardware such as zipper pullers, buckles, grommets, and other treated metals.


YES- We have a flat fee for all of our samples, which is affordable and fair and guaranteed to be refunded when our clients place a production order.




YES. We offer a full service operation after reviewing your designs with you. From material sourcing, to sample making, to customized tagging and packing. We can work with orders as small as 50 units for leather goods and 300 for fabric or faux leather goods. We do not have production limitations