Creating Products from Concept to Revenue

nth Solutions, LLC, is a vertically-integrated electronic product development and manufacturing company whose team holds more than fifty commercialized patents. The Company’s mission, “Solving Ordinary Problems with Extraordinary Solutions,” has resulted in the creation and distribution of unique, “Made in the USA” products for homes and businesses. nth Solutions utilizes its in-house and contract manufacturing facilities to control production from concept to loading dock. In addition, the Company engages in joint ventures to vertically develop and expand intellectual property for commercialization, distribution, and sales.


A seasoned multi-industry product development company, nth Solutions employs analytical research on the market, competitors, potential intellectual property issues and other factors in order to identify the critical path offering the greatest level of commercial success.


We source electronic components, injection molders, plastics, and packaging providers. We do not source fabrics.


We create prototypes through our 3D printer or in-house machine shop.


CAD capability for providing files to injection molders. Provide product development tooling and pre-production modeling


In-house PCB assembly and testing with 500k additional board products per day with local partners. Complete product assembly and packaged for distribution provided.