Garment, Jean and Textile Washing and Dyeing Services. Serving the NYC Area.

We have more than 50 years experience in garment dyeing and washing services. We have helped customers develop products and solutions for nearly every dyeing and washing need in the fashion industry.

Our focus is delivering helpful and flexible customer service, quality and consistency of production, and ensuring we meet your delivery deadlines.

From product guidance, sample making, to production, we offer solutions for your garment dye and textile washing needs.


Throughout of years of business serving the fashion industry, we have seen a lot. We have been asked to collaborate on developing products from scratch, which require us to lean on our experience and machinery. We are glad to discuss whatever textile or apparel dye or washing project you have - and help you develop a solution.


Color and wash sampling is available.


Regardless of your level of experience or needs, we encourage you to contact us to start a conversation. Our minimums start as low as 10 pounds.