Custom Design + Fabrication of Modern Wood and Steel Furniture and Fixtures.

Object A is a design/build studio providing custom interiors, furniture, cabinetry and built-ins, architectural fabrication, and architectural lighting, as well as contract/wholesale fabrication for furniture and cabinet makers, product designers, interior designers, architects, and contractors.


Object A offers a wide spectrum of design consultation from initial schematic design to material and process based detailing. We are designers and makers. We design from the first hand knowledge and practice of developing an idea into physical form. We practice our craft with the priority of protecting and expressing the original design intent.


Not all projects require technical drawings, but should circumstances arise requiring the design be communicable to outside industries, vendors or trades, we use a combination of hand drafting techniques and digital CAD software to develop detailed and actionable drawings.


In order to be competitive, Object A has developed a network of suppliers, vendors, and service providers who offer a variety of materials and products, at a wide range of quantities a competitive prices.


Object A is happy to produce prototypes and samples at a reasonable cost to the investor.


As a custom job shop, we understand that the product is only as good as the process. Our team of machinists, metal fabricators, and custom woodworkers can produce precision setup equipment and tooling for the successful production of your parts. If we can't do it in-house, we reach out to our network of service providers and colleagues to see that it gets done right.


We can produce quantities from the single digits to the thousands. Scale is the single most determining factor in our capacity. Mass production capacity is always a factor of the number of units required within a given time frame.