A unique vertical resource for textured polyester and nylon in solution dye colors and natural.

Manufacturer offering various types of yarn, polyester and nylon, dye services. O’Mara currently has three manufacturing plants: Filtex, located in Guntersville, Alabama, extrudes polyester, nylon and other specialty fibers into POY. Filtex/North, located adjacent to the texturing plant, is the company’s newest state of the art extrusion plant built in 2002 to further support both internal and external needs. OMTEX, located in Rutherford College, NC is the company’s texturing plant, processing POY extruded by Filtex/Filtex North.

Today, O’Mara services many different markets including automotive fabrics, industrial, narrow elastics-waist bands, denim, sheer hosiery, socks, apparel, and contract upholstery. O’Mara provides quality solution... (more)


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