Your Partner in Personalized Creations: We automate, sublimate, finish, and ship directly to your customer.

Pic the Gift was established to meet the growing demand for personalized products and photo gifts. Our leadership team has over 50 years of experience in the distribution and manufacturing of Personalized Gifts. Our Manufacturing Facility is strategically located in St. Louis, Missouri right in the heart of the Midwest which enables us to offer expedited delivery service to our clients.


We have many years of experience in promotional, personalized, and gift business. We are also experts in sublimation techniques and other imprinting methods so we can provide best practices for product creation. We work together with our established customers to create new personalized products.


Since we primarily use sublimation to color our materials, we can do one-offs of any design. If a pattern is needed, we can help there too.


We can sell our materials if requested - typically we purchase blank products and finish them in our warehouse in St. Louis, and ship the finished goods to your customers.


We can create samples of anything we currently have in stock. We do create new products for our established customers.


We have a template file in Photoshop format for every product we make. We can provide assistance in layout of the designs for ease of production.


We can handle the production of any amount of our products provided there is lead time for stock acquistion. We have our own automation software that can mass produce personalized art files from 1 template file and a CSV file of personalized data, thus we can save designers hours and hours of time creating personalized images.