PEDC Structures, a subsidiary of Planned Environmental Design Corporation, offers a broad range of on-site adaptable temporary and permanent modular structures to address your space needs. We can design and fabricate state-of-the art modular units to house your electrical, equipment, plumbing, wiring and cable materials. The units can be transported to your desired location ready for usage to meet your objectives and specifications. PEDC understands how to work with governmental agencies and it knows how to do renovation design services. We have worked successfully for several federal government agencies -- US Coast Guard, US Army, US Air Force and HUD.... (more)


Use of shipping containers to construct buildings to house people, equipment and technical and chemical processes.


We can identify and select the correct shipping container(s) for the client's use. We will arrange for the correct fabrication and manage the process and plan the relocation of the completed containers to the use site. At the use site, the correct foundation and utility arrangements will be made ready prior to shipment and receipt of container(s) at the site. The client is responsible for all costs during the entire process.


The firm provides construction and fabrication documents in the form of cad documents and video diagrams.


We provide guidance to the fabrication facility in as much detail as required.