Complete Product Design

Pongratz Engineering is an experienced Minnesota-based product design and development firm that provides quality engineering services to a variety of industries such as: Medical, Consumer, Industrial, and Sporting. We add value at all stages of the product development process from concept and into production.

Our customers describe us as adaptable, rooted in reality and keenly aware of cost, schedule, performance, and the need to design for manufacturability. We work to meet customers’ needs by helping them pick a path and carefully managing the details required for a successful solution. An in house 3D printing service is also offered (Stratasys Fortus 250).

Equipment & Machinery:


Concept sketches, prototypes, and 3d modeling on SolidWorks


We have years of experience specifying materials to use as part of the product design and development process.


We assist with the transition of a product design into tooling as part of a product development project. We can provide complete product document packages, BOM, and assembly procedures


We can offer current product support to reduce the cost of a product, improve, quality, and reduce scrap.