Garment manufacturing services

Established in 1997 by President and CEO, Ramdat K. Harihar, R & C Apparel has become a garment manufacturing mainstay within Manhattan, serving as an anchor to New York City's vibrant fashion community.

R & C offers a wide array of garment manufacturing services and utilizes a number of techniques and design practices in order to meet the needs of its clients. The following is a list of design methods that R & C employs for customers and specializes in, specifically.

- Smocking and Tucking
- Hemstitch
- Cross Cut and Bias
- Spaghetti Straps
- Passementeries
- Cordage and Braids
- Strap Fold
- Hand Made Items
- Multi... (more)


Take your concept drawings and reference materials to these factories. They will assist in refining your concept and thinking through the components involved in the Making Process.


Pattern makers will make a blueprint of your idea. They make sure your design will be well-constructed.


Material suppliers will provide you with the raw materials and components of your end product.


Sample makers will assemble the first end product prototypes.


Tooling factories produce custom tools that accelerate the production time of the end product.


These factories will mass produce your designs.