Three generations of shirt making excellence

We provide shirt production, from beginning sample to final production. Our factory is equipped to handle orders as small as 120 pieces of a style or as large as 1,500 pieces per week.

The diversity of our needle is what sets us apart. We can make very competitive price point work shirts, middle tier sports shirts, or even full fledged western shirts with snaps.


Often new clients will ask for our input on their idea. We have hundreds of combined years of experience at our disposal we make available to new or existing clients.


Yes. We can either work off of a sample shirt or a paper pattern. One of the first steps is digitizing the pattern, so it can be easily changed in the digital state.


Most of our business is needle only. However, we have valuable relationships in the fabric and trim markets and can usually assist in helping locate those items. We do provide the basic trim items.


We help push along the sample phase from the first pattern tryouts to finished showroom or salesman's samples. Final sample approval is the first step toward scheduling production orders.


Currently, available capacity is 1,500 pieces per week, allowing us accommodate smaller single orders or large contract programs.