Welcome to SAP-SEAL PRODUCTS, INC. a problem-solving and service-oriented company specializing in unique products that prevent and stop corrosion.

SAP-SEAL screw-on is a patented plastic cap pre-filled (optional) with a rust inhibitor that is effortlessly applied to nuts and bolts to protect them from corrosion. SAP-SEAL caps are made of polyethylene high-density plastic enabling the caps to withstand temperature fluctuations from -40¡F up to 200¡F.

SAP-SEAL caps provide the best line of defense against corrosion where you use a nut and bolt - underwater (fresh and salt), above ground and underground.

SAP-SEAL caps stay in place for many years. This longevity is very cost effective and while protecting against rust and corrosion, it also protects against accidental thread damage when performing... (more)