Like the youthful energy that has driven you to create, we at Shehu are driven to produce.

SHEHU was founded in January of 2008 in Philadelphia, PA. What makes our company unique is that we offer all services in one place. Our broad range extends from concept and brand strategy, pattern drafting, samples, production, fabric sourcing and packaging.

Working with our full-service design and development agency will provide you a sound foundation to your brand. Our purpose is to be involved in developing fashion brands that will resist the test of time and grow organically to live as permanent residents in consumers' lives.

Unlike other service houses, we are not in the business of one-night stands. We prefer... (more)


We refine a product idea by breathing and living in the world of the consumer. This way we can unveil the information necessary to perfect the product. By the end of this method, we have a final product that fits seamlessly to the consumers needs and lifestyle.


Our knowledge of proper construction and fit allows us to be creative with pattern manipulation. We focus on comfort and functionality, and cater the pattern properly to the brand's needs.


We provide the basics needed for initial development, such as pattern paper and muslin. Then we source fabric and trims from mills and jobbers, and commission custom fabric for the customers.


We create samples by beginning through pattern drafting, sowing a rough muslin, conducting a fitting, making necessary adjustments to the pattern, then cutting and sewing the final sample.


We prepare by making a counter sample and thoroughly examining and timing that process.


We mass produce products by cutting in multiple layers and creating an efficient order of operation.