Women owned soft goods sewing factory - advocates of visible, ethical American manufacturing.

We're a women owned sewing factory in Portland, OR, specializing in handbags and accessories. We excel at working with finicky fabrics like leather, faux-leather and waxed canvas. Needle holes are forever, so you've got to get it right the first time.

Spooltown runs production for many established brands, emphasizing rigorous quality standards, communication, and lasting relationships.

We believe in visible American manufacturing. To us, that means that we work in an open environment with loads of natural light and offer a living wage, a range of employee benefits and a great working environment.

Spooltown takes pride in what we do, and... (more)


PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT : We are not currently accepting applications for start ups or development only projects. Spooltown is committed to providing excellent work for our existing client base for the time being. FACTORY PRODUCTION : If you are an established brand, with a need for dedicated production volume, email us directly and we'll be in touch about possible openings for 2018. Please include all pertinent info like tech packs, imagery of your product, sample shots and a link to your site. HOUSE LINE, PROMOTIONAL GOODS AND BLANKS : Our promotional goods line is a marriage of beauty, simplicity and exceptional craftsmanship. 100% made in the USA by our staff, this classic line of bags and soft goods can be customized with your logo. If you are interested in getting custom branded promo products for your business, clients, or brand - see our Shop page for the full line of offerings. Email us directly for customizing options.