Technical Design and Product Development Services

We can help with a variety of pre-production services including our specialty which includes:
-Concept sketches to help visualize your idea (hand rendered)
-Technical Illustrations (also called technical flats)
-Tech Packs
-Cost Packs
-Developing your brand-specific size chart
-Fit development
-Establishing best points-of-measure for spec'ing garments during the fit development process and to ensure quality control of factory work in production
-Directing the grade to hit your brand's intended fit

We also offer road-mapping sessions to help brands figure out what types of services they need and to prioritize spending to acheive those goals. Pre-production templates are also for sale to help launch your line if you're... (more)


Through concept sketching, we can translate your idea to paper and help you hone in on the silhouette, scale, volume and proportions of your design idea. It is a back and forth process to refine your vision. If you need fashion illustrations for investor decks, social media or to better communicate your designs to your contractors, we can help with that too. Trend and Market research are essential to refine your design idea. We can provide competitive shopping and trend reports that include your target market's key features (trends, pricing, design details) Mood boards or Theme boards are a great way to help your team visualize your concepts for a collection. They are especially helpful when you are outsourcing the design work as it gives a visual set of resources and ideas for the designers to draw from and puts a parameter on the design process. They are also a great way to inspire and generate enthusiasm in-house, with potential investors, for use in social media or in crowd-funding campaigns. Once you are ready to attend trade shows, meet with sales reps or try to sign a showroom, its imperative to have a line sheet. We can help you pull together a professional line sheet with all the content that's expected in the industry.


While we are skilled in pattern drafting at Ten-O-Eight Designs and do some pattern work in house, it is not the focus of our business. We assess each client's needs separately to ensure the best match of services to outcome and have a team of pattern drafters and sample makers that we network with to ensure accurate, on-time, on-budget project completion.


Through technical sketching and tech packs, we build the blue print of your design. This tool is all about precision, details and data. It gives factory workers the recipe to success for mass-producing your design. We usually recommend tech sketches as a first step as they can also be helpful with product development in communicating with pattern drafters and sample makers. Final revisions to tech sketches once a production-approved sample is ready indicates that you're ready to move forward with a tech pack. Through cost packs, we can begin to give you an idea of your design's profitability and feasibility within the target market you're trying to sell to. We recommend 3 stages of costing and offer a simple way to track it all so you can monitor the health of your business and more specifically, to give you key data to determine which styles are most profitable and which might be worth dropping from the line. Cost packs help you to make a decision about setting your wholesale and retail prices with the right margins for success. We work with a team of pattern drafters and sample sewers to help bring your vision from paper into the real world. And if you just have some general questions about production, we have production management experience to draw on to assist you. We offer a variety of consulting packages called roadmapping sessions aimed at giving you the information and confidence to move forward to production with ease.