Manufacturer of injection molding, extrusion and chemical products

The Bohning Company is a 70 year old manufacturer who began business as a adhesives manufacturer. We currently make products for the sporting goods industry (archery, golf and even fencing). New product lines in 2016 include several point of purchase displays using recycled materials. We make injection molds holding tolerances of .00001, can run these same tools and package as needed. We are also a manufacturer and processor of wax based products, extruded products, and some type of adhesives.


We design and manufacture all of our products in house. This often means taking a rough drawing and turning it into a dimensional one.


We can prototype products either using 3 D printing or making small aluminum molds for running prototypes.


We have our own tooling department that designs and makes injection molds and extrusion dies.


We have multiple injection molding machines that can turn out parts as needed. Quantity runs depend on the cycle time and tool setup.