Pattern Making, Sewing, Design, Children/Women Apparel, Sample Making, Manufacturing

We provide fully services including apparel design, patter-making, and manufacturing in NYC. Our services are high quality, deliver on time, and guarantee services.

Equipment & Machinery:


We focus on the client's target market, their needs and design concept while focusing on specs and competitive prices.


With in-house expertise, we provide the top pattern making quality by focusing on various types of approach including manual/hand-drawing or digital pattern making approach. We provide grading and cutting services as well.


We have various industry contacts here in NYC as well as in Asia Pacific which we will be able to assist in fabric/material sourcing based on the specs and the client's needs.


One of our specialties is to create, deliver samples with guarantee quality, competitive prices, and fast turnaround.


We have capability to manage mass productions, made in NYC