We makes nonwovens soft and stretchy

VitaFlex LLC is the exclusive manufacturer creating novel elasticity from regular rigid nonwoven fabrics. This revolutionary technology and materials are globally co-patented by DuPont and Dr. De-Sheng Tsai.

Spunmelt Polypropylene Nonwoven Fabrics are a “breathable barrier” made by advanced fiber spinning technologies. They are a thin, yet dense, fiber-web material with ultrafine openings for air to flow through while maintaining particle filtration quality. They are commonly used for making air filters, surgical masks, and N95 respirators. The elastication technology allows us to make regular elastic spunmelt fabrics soft and stretchy. That enables finished... (more)


We provide broad knowledge in nonwoven materials to meet the purposes of products.


Our expertise in product designing coupled with converting technologies can time and cost-effectively assist in pattern making.


We do not sell our patented materials.


Our R&D is equipped with manual converting methods to make samples from the designs provided from customers.


We do not transfer our proprietary converting methods.


We are well equipped with automated converting for commercial productions.