Belt Factory in Manhattan: Universal Elliot Interview

Located in Manhattan, Universal Elliot manufactures gorgeous belts for both established designers and start-up fashion lines. They help with sourcing materials, tooling and do the assembly of the belts in their factory (where, as the designer you can oversee production).

Ush and his father Mike are two people you will love to work with; Ush left medical school to work with his father on their belt factory which has been around for over 30 years. Their work is high-quality, and they have great customer service. Their workers are paid fair wages, and the entire factory is just filled with genuine, great people.

If you are looking for a new belt manufacturer, or if you ever wanted your own custom belt, email Ush at You can find more information on their website ( and look out for their detailed profile once Makers Row launches in early November.

Contact info: 

347 West 36th st.

NY, NY, 10018

(212) 736-8877


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