Behind the Scenes: Quick Turn Clothing

A couple weeks ago we had the opportunity to visit Quick Turn Clothing, located in the heart of the garment district in NYC, and we immediately knew that they were the kind of service that we need to share!

Quick Turn Clothing is a full service pattern and sample making company that also assists in production management. They work with all levels of designers, have no minimums and specialize in NYC domestic production.

In 2008, Charles and Marianne Webber decided to combine their skills and experience to create a company that aids designers looking to start and grow their fashion line.  When Charles and Marianne met, he owned a production factory and she was a fashion designer. With the two backgrounds combined, they can help designers with any step in the design process. Charles handles the technical side making patterns and samples while Marianne works on production management.

We asked Marianne about her thoughts on American manufacturing. “ In the past two years I have definitely seen that American manufacturing is going up.  The orders are smaller, and production is staying local. Designers want to make things closer to where they are located, and closer to the season they are making it for. That is where we came up with the name ‘Quick Turn’.”

Check out Quick Turn’s profile on Maker’s Row!

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