Behind the Scenes: Pickett Furniture

We are so excited that we have expanded our resources and are now including furniture on Maker’s Row! To kick it all off, we visited Pickett Furniture in Brooklyn, NY. Located on the end of a pier, the workshop offers amazing views of lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. Jeremy Pickett, owner of the 12,000 square foot space, let us into his facility and showed us a day in the life of a furniture maker.



Pickett Furniture is a handmade furniture and product company that can help designers from sketch, production, all the way to final product. They focus on designers looking to launch a product or get a prototype made. After looking at the work Jeremy does you can see the high level of craftsmanship and quality that they put into their work.



Their workshop is also home to 12 other companies.  Jeremy provides office, studio and bench space to designers looking to launch their product. “At Pickett Furniture we focus a lot on custom furniture and studio furniture. We also work a lot with other designers, interior designers and product designers.”

pickett-recordTo learn more about Pickett Furniture, head over to their Maker’s Row profile!

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