Behind the Scenes: Re-Co BKYLN

We had a great time visiting Re-Co BKLYN in Williamsburg! Re-Co BKLYN is a lumber mill that specializes in urban harvested lumber. This means they take trees that fall or are removed due to safety hazards, and re-claim them into slabs.


They work with local arborists, tree services and city parks departments to locate downed trees and trees slated for removal. This method reduces unnecessary logging and waste, deforestation and high lumber prices due to shipping expenses.


Re-Co BKLYN also designs and builds custom, one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture.They work with private and commercial clients to create beautiful custom furniture. Each piece of furniture is made one piece at a time.


“Using traditional joinery, timeless proportions and the highest quality materials, we strive to provide you with beauty, functionality, and a lifetime of enjoyment. Our 4000 square foot woodworking studio is equipped to handle the smallest jobs up through large-scale productions.”


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