A Short Guide to Sharing on Social Media

It goes without saying that everyone is putting their face on social media these days. The selfie is synonymous with self-promotion, was added to the Oxford Dictionaries in 2013 and has become a consideration for designing new technology. For many emerging designers, the question becomes how do you balance your professional life with your personal life. And, does your business need to be an open book?

On one hand, having a face behind a brand is important because consumers want to build a relationship with a designer while also having access to insider information. At the same time, you deserve privacy and times when your life isn’t on display. The key is putting a stake in the ground and determine what part of you will be represented in your business and what part of your life is personal and off limits.

One overarching question to ask is whether the content you share online will help tell your brand’s story and also elevate how people perceive your company. Other specifics questions that may serves as guidelines include:

•Are your children, spouse or family off limits or are they part of your brand? If so, to what extent and how often?
•Will you show your studio, factory and are parts of your home like your bedroom off limits?
•Are birthdays, vacations and intimate family occasions important to share?
•Will you share other hobbies or interests that may not have anything to do with your brand? If so, why?

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In addition to these moments, other types of considerations include:

•Is it professional and a fit with your brand?
•Is your content artistic or show your design sensibility?
•Is it intriguing?
•Does it show you as an accessible and relatable person?
•Are you having fun?

In the end, you have to chose content that showcases your business in a positive light but also messaging that you feel comfortable sharing. Have any of your own social sharing advice? Share it in the comments!

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