How to Leverage Small Business Saturday: November 29th

Now in its fourth year, Small Business Saturday has helped local entrepreneurs fuel sales and connect with customers the Saturday after Thanksgiving. American Express revealed that in 2013, the day garnered $5.7 billion in spending and over 1,450 neighborhoods participated across the nation.

For emerging designers, here are 5 ways to take advantage of this new holiday sales tradition:

1. Promote Your Retailers

This business will always be about relationships and one way to foster the ones you have is to let your audience know where you are stocked that day. You can do this by pushing out news through social media, creating custom marketing materials and sending out newsletter blasts.


2. Pitch Trunks Shows

Pitching a local retailer has several benefits.  It’s more news for the store to promote, it can help drive additional traffic and you’re helping them acquire new customers by bringing in your network. It also helps foster the relationship that you are ultimately trying to build.


3. Share Your Small Business Story

Everyone likes a good story and this day is the perfect time to share it. Whether that’s on your website, at a store or giving your retailer product knowledge, this is one of your strongest days to shine so be sure to ask yourself: what is your small business story? This also makes a great pitch to local media outlets, blogs and entrepreneurial-focused editors that may want to pick up your story.

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4. Create Your Own Opportunity

If you don’t have access to a retailer or wholesale isn’t your model, you can still take advantage of the day. You may want to consider being a part of a pop-up shop, partnering with a gallery space or a like-minded brand in order to create news and connect in person with customers. You can also promote your online business and drive traffic to your site by creating a contest, special promotion or just by marketing the day.

5. Utilize American Express Resources

American Express has put together a playbook of marketing materials for retailers and entrepreneurs to use on Small Business Saturday. This includes signage, logos and digital materials you can order or easily download. By having these assets, you are better equipped to promote your business and engage with others.

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