4 Social Media Platforms Your Brand Should Be Using

Branding involves relaying a consistent message across all of your channels of communication with your target audience. This message should be impactful, constant, and engaging at every single opportunity your audience encounters or experiences your brand. It can be hard to express your brand culture and identity through a combination of your brand name, logo, design, and packaging.

I use four important social media platforms to raise awareness about my brand and engage with my target audience. Each platform has its own content style and culture as well as how it can be leveraged for promotion. Here’s a play-by-play look at each platform and how to effectively stay active on each:


1. Facebook

Facebook is by far the most popular social network. It’s best to update your status 1-2 times a day by sharing articles that your audience may find interesting or relevant. Use Facebook to promote new offers or sales, that way fans can share it with friends. Facebook even gives you the option to boost your posts which allows for a greater reach beyond your audience. Your existing fans will also get updates about your brand on their News Feed, mobile advertisements, and event invitations.

2. Twitter

Stay active on Twitter by tweeting 5-8 times a day. Use this tool to be more transparent with your followers by answering questions, staying engaged regularly, or just staying “Hello” back. Twitter’s a reliable indicator of trending events around your city. It’s also great to see the immediate reaction your fans have to an announcement like, “New collection just arrived! #staytuned.” Create unique hashtags around your campaigns to measure the follower engagement and overall viral success of the campaign.

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3. Instagram

Instagram gives followers a day-to-day look of your brand’s behind-the-scenes. If you are trying to gain more followers, upload at least 3 photos a day at peak hours like 8 AM and 5 PM. Using hashtags and tagging other brands is a great way to find new followers who have the same interests or like similar brands. This is the best social media outlet for my brand because fashion is very popular on Instagram. Your brand’s Instagram feed should convey it’s culture through photographs without having to speak. Followers also feel connected as they follow your brand through its journey.


4. Pinterest

Pinterest is a place to source inspiration. Users can pin recipes, DIY crafts, art, accessories, and save them all on curated boards. I share lifestyle images of bloggers wearing my bags so that users can pin them to boards of style inspiration or their gift list. Pinning images from your website is the best way to drive organic traffic to your site, garner new sales, and gain more fans.

Every platform is important in branding your company and driving sales. A constant flow of information and communication daily on each of these social media platforms will grab your audience’s attention and allow your followers to develop an understanding of your brand culture. Social media lends itself to great collaborations. Try partnering up with other brands or launching a fun campaign with bloggers to increase brand awareness and tap into new audiences.

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