10 American Small Batch Manufacturers

It’s the question we got asked at The White House, Northside Festival and during our #AsktheSource Twitter Chat. “Is small-batch manufacturing a viable option in the United States? The answer is YES!! We’ve hunted down 10 Small Batch Factories doing big things for small business, emerging designers and even some very large brands looking to create limited edition products. Best of all, these 10 Small Batch Factories are proudly ‘Made in America’.

Turning a creative idea into a tangible product that goes out into the world and can later turn into a profitable idea that keeps your business afloat requires a budget and reliable manufacturing partner. Whether you’re ready to start producing on a larger scale, just getting started or looking for a low minimum partner, small batch manufacturing in the United States is a viable option.

Why Opt for Small Batch Manufacturing?

Small batch manufacturing allows designers and small business owners to operate within their means. Taking a small scale approach involves everything from scrutinizing the amount of fabric and supplies you purchase to deciding how many products/styles you should launch with.

  1. More efficiently test the market and gauge consumer feedback
  2. Reduce the risk of excess inventory
  3. Can lead to a more agile supply chain
  4. Can provide shorter lead teams
  5. May mean you can get your product off the ground sooner
  6. Lower production costs could mean you can turn a profit earlier
  7. Many small batch manufacturers are willing to invest time, resources, and expertise to help you succeed


 Interested in Small Batch manufacturing? We’ve curated a list of more than 50 American-based Small Batch Manufacturers specializing in everything from apparel to furniture.

1. The D.N.A. Group, San Francisco NY

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2. J. Kim NY Corp, Brooklyn NY

3. Allen Manufacturing, Inc., Lewiston, ME

4. Suuchi Inc, North Bergen, NJ

5. Paul Francis Designs, LLC, Baltimore, MD

Small batch manufacturing

You can get access to our Small Batch Manufacturing List plus our full list of factories with our essentials plan.


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