How Multifunctional Design Puts A New Spin On A 90s Fave

Hands-free handbags? You betcha. The 21st century take on fanny packs – that 90s staple that’s still the most secure way to tote your valuables – appears in Beau and Ro’s line as clutch and belt bags. We spoke to Beau and Ro’s Sara Rossi to talk shop around multifunctional design, Made in America, and designing to fill a niche.

What inspired you to create a twist on the original fanny pack?

 The concept of Beau & Ro was derived from enough moments of declaring that I wish I could tie my clutch around my waist. The brand, melding style with functionality, offers a creative solution for women on the go. Easily convertible from a sleek clutch to a practical belt bag, Beau & Ro gives women the option to free their hands. I created Beau & Ro to alleviate the pressure of having to make a choice. Versatility and functionality should go hand in hand with style.


How are you able to combine the multifunctional purpose of your bags with fashion trends?

The bags are handmade in the garment district in NYC. Being able to source all of my materials-from hardware to leather-in the garment district has given me the ability to create a breadth of styles. The convenience of seeing the bags in production, testing new materials and discussing quality control in person has been instrumental in making Beau & Ro the brand that it has become. The garment district has quickly become the most exciting neighborhood in the city for me. I could lose hours hunting for the perfect leather or liner. I feel very lucky to call this vibrant and creative neighborhood home to Beau & Ro.

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Why is made in America important to you?

American Made creates jobs and saves jobs. It is combatting the notion that consumers should buy “more” instead of buying “good.” American Made takes pride in the craftsmanship of the process, while being locally sourced and sustainable. For Beau & Ro, American Made also celebrates the fun of life in our glorious USA.


Beau & Ro was made for all the bike-cruising, s’more-making, beach-jogging, cover band-jamming, multi-tasking, lobster-loving Americans, so naturally the brand should also be made in America.

Beau & Ro Bag Company doesn’t just produce bags in the U.S.A – the materials are sourced from all corners of the country. Materials, including the remnants from the Pendleton Woolen Mill in the Pacific Northwest, have been sourced to create on-of-a-kind vibrant center panels in our leather bags. My father was a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy and to pay homage to all our veterans and armed forces, the waterproof Ruffian bag was made from the flags of a de-commissioned naval ship.

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