Next-Level Branding: Identifying Your Ideal Customer

You’re in the weeds of the product details and you’re agonizing over sketches, but there’s another detail to consider, and one that might help with those minute tweaks you can’t make up your mind about. It’s about identifying your ideal customer – a crucial step to concepting and executing not just your product, but marketing and branding as well. Similarly, you’ll then be able to understand price points, distribution, and materials.

Here are a couple questions to ask yourself when you’re designing: Why is your line necessary? Is it filling a gap in the market, or solving a problem? Inevitably, there’ll be existing brands doing similar things to you, and it’s essential to understand where you differ, and how to position yourself. At a high-level, you should be thinking about why it’s a) interesting, and b) valuable to potential customers. From identifying your main selling point, you’ll then be able to identify your ideal target audience.

So, then, who is your customer? What do they look like, and how do they behave? Specificity is key here, and it’s worthwhile to check out influencers on Twitter and Instagram that embody this person. From here, you’ll have a clearer view of social behavior, values and what they look for in products. Some things to consider include age, gender, income, physical attributes, personality types, interests, lifestyle and favorite haunts.

From here, you’ll also be able to align with sample makers, pattern makers and textile jobbers that provide the level of quality you need – whether that’s affordable basics or luxury goods.

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