Trading Up: Heading Back To Work in Style

September’s around the corner, and the outlook is strong. Sure, we’re grasping the last of Summer Fridays, but the surfeit of style heading our way sweetens the return to jacket weather. We’re forecasting a throwback to slim-cut shirts and slacks, with a punchy hit of statement prints delivered with restraint. Plus, we’d recommend diversifying: contemporary leather accents, be it a bag, belt or hell, even a basketball – insure you against the risk of downplaying the classics.

Not that risk-aversion is the strategy we’d always roll with. Whether it’s a shoutout to Magritte in the form of a shoe (or is it?) or tiered drawers that triple as a shelf and stool, we’re straight-up enamored by the kind of objets d’art that play with convention to deliver unusual yet totally logical decor.

Maybe you’re trading hard and fast or looking out for upgrades – you’ll need to mainline caffeine, or keep a trusty flask by your side (shhhh – promise we’re not a bad influence). Either way, fall’s coming – and you’re going to be prepared for the future.



  • Ο Floaty kimonos are luxe as hell. Talk about nailing casual elegance.
  • Ο Denim overall dresses are comfy, cute and practical. I know, right?!
  • Ο Boldly printed sweaters work for men and women, and you’ll never get lost in a crowd.


  • Ο The classic white shirt: always a safe investment.
  • Ο Crop tops will forever have a place in the summer canon.
  • Ο Chambray button-ups are a year-round staple.


  • Ο Bandage dresses: why not play with some more quirky silhouettes while it’s warm out?
  • Ο Sandals in the city: We love sandals, but sometimes, the grime of a commute is just a bit more than we can handle.
  • Ο Beanies? Really? It’s SO hot out…
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