What Does A Factory Need To Know About You?

Ready to take things to the next level? Factories deal with countless inquiries from designers hoping to team up to produce their wares, and the volume of requests can make it difficult to sift through to the brands that would be a perfect fit with what they offer. So, we’ve compiled a few points to address when you’re messaging a factory without any context of what your brand does. Here’s to starting a great relationship with a factory!


1. Be specific about your product. This means providing all the information you have to date – ideally, as a tech pack. This should include measurements, materials, sketches, colors, trim, hardware, tooling, grading, labels, tags, construction information and more. You should also include the amount of units you intend to have produced.


2. Introduce your brand clearly and concisely. Say where you’re based, what you design, and what exactly you need your manufacturer to make.


3. Don’t approach factories without considering their expertise. You should be evaluating your options critically – that is to say, do you need a sample made? Or are you at the beginning of the process, and need assistance ideation? Maybe you’ve had all the pre-production stages taken care of, and you’re ready to jump into production. Among the 7,000+ factories on Maker’s Row, you’ll be able to search based on what they offer, and what stages of the production process they can help you with. This way, you won’t be unnecessarily clogging up a factory’s inbox if they don’t offer the service you need. You’ll also find industry specialists who can offer a closer initiation of the production process if you’re completely new to it.



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4. Talk numbers. Let’s say you’ve calculated a budget down to $15/piece for a $2,000 order which equates to $30,000 overall. Include this in your message, and ask if it’s a viable price.

With these four points, you’ll be able to write a concise, straightforward query targeted at the right factory. Enjoy your journey!

This post is inspired by an earlier Maker’s Row article.

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