Staff Picks: Factories We’re Loving This September

At Maker’s Row, we’re honored to work with some incredible factories who prove that American Made is going from strength to strength. In celebration of all things Made in America, here’s our September Staff Picks: a selection of some of our favorites, from technical design to cut-and-sew.

MCM Enterprise


Looking for a full package, experienced factory outside of the hustle and bustle of the garment district? MCM Enterprise has a staff of 40+ employees and is the go-to source for several Maker’s Row apparel and accessories brands. From private label to fashion, cut-and-sew to shipping, it’s the whole package.

Nicole Melendez


If it’s product development and technical design you need, our pick is Nicole Melendez. A technical designer specializing in contemporary womenswear, she’s helped countless brands seamlessly go from concept to launch. She’s also well-versed in construction methods, supporting you right through the manufacturing process.

Allen Manufacturing

LFA-15 (1)

Based in Lewiston, Maine, Allen Manufacturing is a family business that specializes in cut and sew. With their emphasis on quality and 100% on-time delivery, Allen Manufacturing is a manufacturing partner that takes pride in the products they make.

Plain Stitches


Plain Stitches is a family-owned manufacturing company located in beautiful Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. With low minimums and an eye for start-ups, Plain Stitches is a great launchpad for entrepreneurial brands.

Cover image photographed at Modern Vice, a shoe factory in the Garment District. Check them out on our 20 Under 40 List

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