American Made Furniture For Art Buffs

Introducing DENY Designs. Straight outta Denver, Colorado, the DENY team infuses vivid personality into everything they do, and that’s a lot: furniture, linens, wall art, accessories and more. Founded by husband-and-wife duo Kim and Dustin Nyhus, DENY supports artists from the across the world, using their quirky, bold works on their home decor, made right here on US soil.


Appropriately color-flecked with soaring exposed ceilings, exposed brick walls and polished floorboards, the DENY workspace is the kind of office we all want our homes to look like. Luckily, with their line of bold statement furniture and vibrant accent pieces at hand, it’s not too much of stretch to start decorating like a DENYer.


Apart from being a co-founder, Dustin E. Nyhus is also the brand’s namesake. Getting his start by watching his father and grandfather construct furnishings from the ground up, he later turned to industrial design himself. After tucking a degree under his belt, he gravitated to wholesale manufacturing, where he learned the ropes of a larger-scale operation. Along the way, he met Kim, who, armed with advertising and PR know-how, became instrumental in bringing DENY to life – and just they’d imagined it.


Ready to deck out your home in DENY? Look no further. 

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