Men’s American Made Must-Haves

Sleek accessories and playful accents shake up your style repertoire, and make every outfit fresher than ever. With this unerring lineup of staples and can’t-live-withouts, your wardrobe will be a source of envy and #inspo to everyone you know.

The Nathalie Pocket Square – Pocket Square Clothing


“Both of our mothers are seamstresses, and taught us how to sew for the first two months of the business before we found our manufacturer in L.A.” – Rodolfo Ramirez, Pocket Square Clothing

Comb Model #2 – Chicago Comb


“Growing up in the 1980s, we were keenly aware of how the closure of factories and the decline of manufacturing was affecting Chicago and the rest of the country.  Over the years, in between other things, we would talk often about how great it would be to reverse that trend by bringing back great local manufacturing.”  – John Litwinski and Tedd Strom, Chicago Comb Co.

It’s Only Money Sterling Silver Plated Money Clip – Owen & Fred


“I dig deep into understanding fabrications. I’ve always been interested in good design and style, but couldn’t find what I wanted in the marketplace. It started with the wallet – I loved the idea of something handstitched, and not made overseas or on a machine.” – Mike Arnot, Owen & Fred

Gentlemen’s Shave & Beard Oil – Nash & Jones



“We composed all of our own recipes, and construct all of the actual products.” Kim Rohwers, Nash + Jones

The Strop – Shaveface


“We were sick of paying lots of money for shaving. The Strop became a good money saver, and it’s good for the environment. With businesses like Dollar Shave Club, they were suggesting that you’d use 48 blades a year. With the Strop, you’d take that number down to 6.” – James O’Brien and Casey Perkal, Shaveface

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