Why ARTLESS Corporation Is Made in Los Angeles

Made in Los Angeles, ARTLESS Corporation’s furniture is minimalism at its most striking. Head designer Alejandro Artigas started as an architect, with an eye for structure and spatial understanding that’s fitting of his original trade – and informs the behavior of his current designs.


The clue to the ARTLESS ethos is is the name: design that’s free of pretense and trends, crafted to be enduring in both build and beauty. Says Artigas: “We have a phrase and a goal – ‘in pursuit of subtlety’. With this, we’re trying to create a body of work which takes time to fully grasp and which mutates and morphs with time. As the pieces age and accumulate memories, this will play to our advantage.”

Artless Workshop 1

Sourcing their materials domestically and producing in Los Angeles, it’s no secret that Artigas is devoted to creating great design, rather than inaccessible luxury. Part of that ethos includes fair wages for the craftsmen that contribute the manpower and finesse to production; part of it is the environmental standards that underscore their efforts, from solar powered facilities to daily composting. “By being in Los Angeles, we are at the forefront in sustainable environmental manufacturing standards,” said Artigas. “We operate under the most progressive city and state regulations, plus our own sustainable practices. This is not enough; our production also has a direct impact on our neighborhood and our workforce.


Our impact on the lives of our workforce is tangible to them and their families. Our craftsmen have a positive impact – call it love – on the pieces they make, and our pieces have a financial impact on their lives. Our phrase ‘In hope of a better past’ is our position to question progress and revisit an old-fashioned way of slow, thoughtful production and product longevity. We are speculating on notions of progress. We are after beauty, but beauty under the veil of age, graceful aging. We want beauty with a social conscience. We do this for the love of it, not to someday buy a yacht.”

Artless Workshop 2

The possibility of exercising full control over the design and construction process also proved irresistible to Artigas, who recognized that basing ARTLESS Corporation in L.A. wasn’t just the sustainable option, but the smart option. “Many years ago, I made the decision: versatility over volume. I thus decided to make everything in Los Angeles. We control quality at every step and with every piece. We have speed, we can turn things around in a week if need be, and we can customize and produce in small batches.” Supervising quality control on site and having the flexibility to move with supply and demand won out over the lower costs of offshore production.

But, ultimately, it’s all about creating a finished product he can take pride in. ““I would love for our products to be passed down due to their quality and inert beauty.”

Fill your home with ARTLESS Corporation’s timeless beauty. 

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