6 Top-Rated Technical Designers

Before contacting a factory, you will need to bring your idea from sketch into a prototype or sample. This step is called Ideation. The best way to do this is by working with a technical designer or a pattern-maker to make you a tech pack or pattern of your designs. Here’s our list of the latest and greatest!

1. Clothier Design Source


Who They Are

Clothier Design Source develops and manufactures garments, with a specialization in high stretch knits, cycling, athletic wear, children’s, medical, technical, special function, innovative garments, slow-fashion, eco-friendliness and heritage wear. Their unique approach to producing sewn goods involves working closely with clients to determine their end goals and creates a custom-made plan to achieve results.  Clients range from small firms to established brands both locally and across the U.S.

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Their View on Ideation

“In this stage, we offer consultation and understand what the client’s product main function or purpose is. We gather inspirational samples and/or rough drawings from the client and piece them all together with problem-solving skills and knowledge in the industry. We then provide detailed CAD sketches with different views and options for the client to narrow down the end result. Providing this step first eliminates a lot of time, money and guess work when getting to the next step: pattern making.”


2. DNA Group

dna-techWho They Are

The D.N.A. Group is a creative development, manufacturing, and brand management firm created to help designers establish a presence within the industry. Their goal is to provide a platform where designers, either emerging or established, can have access to services, craftsmen, and other additional talents, which will help them to launch a fully realized collection. The D.N.A group provides a wide variety of services: design, patternmaking, cutting, sewing production, textile design, fittings, and more.

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Their View on Ideation

“We will help you get your project on track at any stage. We treat each project individually and help you get the path that is right for you. If you have an idea and can’t sketch it out, we will help you with our “soft technical package”. If you need a production ready tech pack, we are happy to help you get that underway. Our staff of incredible designers and craftsmen all work together to help you develop areas of opportunity to make your project the best it is able to be.”


3. The Pattern Makers

Who They Are

In the industry since 2006, The Pattern Makers work with clients from all over the world ranging from established brands to startups. They can help you get started with your project by creating patterns based off of an initial sketch or looking to other products for inspiration.


Their View on Ideation

“We know what it takes to sell at retail and can even advise you on selling wholesale, or direct to retail.  For single styles, we ask for the pattern amount up front. For multiple styles we ask for 50% down, and 50% at the time of completion. Jobs are quoted on an hourly basis, and quoted hours include fit block, sample pattern, and pattern card.”

4. JLD Studios

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 12.46.11 PMWho They Are

JLD Studios offers apparel design and production services that can take your fashion collection from concept to production. They work with womenswear, menswear, childrenswear, and activewear.  A strong development background and focus on customer service allowing them to lead the way in design development and manufacturing. They take on projects of all sizes.

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Their View on Ideation

“Whether you are just getting started and looking for a fashion designer or in need of some assistance on the technical side; we guarantee to get it done on trend + on time! We are able to take on projects of all size and scale for a variety of markets. This includes menswear, womenswear, childrenswear, and accessories. We utilize an efficient development process that starts with research and ends with production-ready technical packages. We’ll even stay on hand to help you throughout the sampling and production process.”


5. Nicole Melendez


Who They Are

Nicole Melendez Design & Consulting Group is dedicated to helping companies entering the fashion industry as well as established lines.  They aid clients by providing them services to be able to develop their lines from concept to final product.  Nicole Melendez is a technical designer that specializes in contemporary womenswear. Her clients range from start-up designers to established brands. 


Their View on Ideation

Take your concept drawings and reference materials to us. We will assist in refining your concept and thinking through the components involved in the “Making Process.” We offer assistance in technical design, pattern making, concept development, hand and technical sketches. We also create techpacks and can help out with sourcing and sample construction.”

nicole melendez sketches

6. Tag Studio

Who They Are

Monica Houlihan, owner and pattern maker of Tag Studio Design Service has worked in the San Francisco and New York garment industries. She offers your company her depth of experience in pattern development, production, pattern-making, and technical design. Entrepreneurial and spirited Monica is ready to help bring your product to market.


Their View on Ideation

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My input into the design process is focused on production development. Suggestions are for the purpose of troubleshooting and refining the production process while maintaining the design integrity of my clients designs.”


Create Your Samples

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