Entrepreneur to Entrepreneur: How Would You Get Out of A Rut?

Being an entrepreneur is hard. That’s no secret. However, the reason you keep going is because of your passion and the people that are supporting you. Sometimes it takes just one person to say something to you to keep you going. The entrepreneurship community is an ever-growing and incredibly supportive one, which is why it’s so great to start a business in today’s environment. But it’s not always smooth sailing. The same way writer’s get writer’s block, entrepreneurs could get stuck as well.

So, we took to social media to ask entrepreneurs this question:

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The community came out in force. Some of the responses talked about your attitude as a business owner.

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Some entrepreneurs said that you should try to look forward to get out of your rut. Often when you’re stuck it’s best to step back and take a look at decisions and determine what the best course of action is.

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However, some of the most compelling advice we received were the ones that focused on the fact that entrepreneurs wear many hats. When you’re just starting out you have to be the CEO, CMO, marketing manager, designer, accountant. But if there’s a piece of advice for those overwhelmed, it’s that sometimes you have to ask for help.

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And when all else fails, have faith in your company and yourself. Yes, being an entrepreneur is hard work, but you do it because you love your business.

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