How This Factory Is Helping Small Businesses Grow

The Maker’s Row team had the pleasure of starting our month with a visit to New York Binding Co., a Long Island City factory offering quality binding, pleating, slitting, and trimming.  The warm and welcoming team at NY Binding includes expert artisans with decades of experience.

Although NY Binding usually works with many large brands, they are also catering their services for new and smaller brands. The owner, Roger Levin, talked openly about his commitment to strengthening the Made In America movement.  He is using his decades of experience to build networks within the industry that will help strengthen the Made In America movement and make it easier for brands to create.

Increasing Services to Better Help Businesses

Preparation for Production

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Contacting Factories

Contact NY Binding Co. through Maker’s Row! We also have nearly 10,000 other factories in apparel, accessories, furniture, packaging, and more to choose from!

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