How Lizna Survived a Manufacturing Horror Story

We love seeing American Made blossom, and it’s all thanks to the strength of relationships between factories and brands. This week we sat down with Lizna Kabani to hear how Maker’s Row helped her find the perfect manufacturer to launch the fashion line of her dreams.

Passionate About A Presence in Fashion

Lizna LLC is a women’s premier contemporary apparel brand.  We believe in quality and classic trends that are luxurious yet accessible for the trendy, sophisticated, and classy woman.  Each garment is designed for a day to night look and as a timeless piece that can be worn season after season, year after year.
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Growing up, my all-time dream was being in fashion and having my own line. I was enrolled in fashion school but had to drop out because my father was ill and needed my assistance.  Fortunately, I was able to still work near the industry as a human resource professional for Neiman Marcus.  Determined to eventually make the transition, I was committed to saving money to one-day launch a fashion line.  With the arrival of my first child last year, my husband and I decided it was finally time for me to follow my ambitions in fashion.

Surviving a Manufacturing Horror Story

When I first started out, I found a manufacturer locally here in Dallas.  They connected me to work with an affiliated brand management/marketing firm and set up consultations with the manufacture and the affiliated company.  When I got my first invoice, I realized that my phone calls were categorized as “consultations” and I was being scammed. This was really disappointing as a new designer with a limited budget. Still I knew, I had to find the right and honest factory that would understand my line’s focus on high quality.

As I started searching again for “American manufacturing,” I stumbled upon Maker’s Row.  Production in America was important for me because I wanted to support the industry and economy where my kids are going to grow up.  I want them to feel empowered to accomplish their dreams where they live.  It took me a few visits to before I finally decided to sign up.  The website was clean, friendly and easy to use. Plus, I figured “What could I lose for only $19?”

Working with DNA Group

While searching for factories, I knew honesty and transparency were important qualities.  I chose to work with the D.N.A. Group in San Francisco because of their excellent communication and transparency in pricing. They were open, honest and very very knowledgeable. The D.N.A Group truly runs their business based on their core business values.  I can’t thank Maker’s Row enough for having such an incredible tool! I’ve been able to make a few trips to San Francisco to see the team because they are based in the U.S.  I wouldn’t have been able to do that as often if they were international.  Having them nearby gives me full control on the process as well.

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What’s Next for Lizna?

I’m really proud of my upcoming launch this month. It’s my first launch and I’ll be releasing an 11-13 piece collection that features Fall/Winter 2016. I’m hoping/anticipating that buyers will see the quality and detail of the garments and support that the brand is proudly Made in America.

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