“One-Stop Shop” Factory in L.A. Scaling New Brands

During the month of March, influential women are being celebrated all around the United States. During National Women’s History Month, the Maker’s Row has been able to learn about women leading innovative practices in manufacturing.  This week, we had the pleasure of sitting with Marta Miller, owner and co-founder of Lefty Productions Co, here she writes from her perspective as a factory owner.

At a Glance

  • » Specialties:
    • › Services: offering full-service design, sourcing, manufacturing, packing and shipping. All of our departments work together throughout the production process to ensure accuracy, quality and efficiency.
    • › Brands: specialize in building brands and working with start ups
  • » Location: Downtown Los Angeles
  • » Ideal client: Anyone –I really enjoy watching brands build and grow and I love helping out through that process.
  • » Turnaround time: 4-6 weeks
  • » Maker’s Row profile: https://makersrow.com/lefty-production-co1

Business with My Best-Friend

Before starting Lefty Productions, I owned my own clothing line and took that line overseas. I tried producing in Peru, China, and India. Unfortunately, all my experiences were very bad. So, I decided to produce in America but still found it to be very difficult. I realized that a one-stop shop with good customer service was something lacking and I definitely needed to create one.

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So I decided to partner with my best friend, Emily Roiff, to start this company. It was Emily’s vision and guts that brought me to where I am. I would have never been able to start without her, but now I run the company while she is a full-time mom.

Personal Service + Prime Location for Young Brands

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Lefty Productions is L.A.’s one-stop-shop for any new brand seeking to develop and produce stateside. Our services include pattern-making, sample-making, marking and grading, cutting, sewing, dying. Young brands are the core of Lefty’s business, however we provide services to a number of high-end, discerning customers as well.

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We never ever have a wait list. I try to address every project the second it comes into my factory. I have the ability to scale up and down and I try to get things going as soon as possible. I like to have 4-6 weeks, but that said, recently had a customer that needed 1000 units in two weeks and we made it happen.

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I love our team at Lefty. Even though we will scale up and down depending on our needs, we have become very close. Most of us have worked together for the past 5-7 years. My son even loves coming to work with me. The whole factory takes care of him. He is 2 years old and knows every single sewers’ name. He knows the entire packing team, as well as the cutting team. I have been lucky to have a lot of success, but I think what I have been most successful at is building a family and awesome team. We all love and care for each other. We work hard to make things happen.

Successful Brands

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When working with new brands, I understand their concerns, frustrations and expectations. I was once in their shoes and want to help them avoid nightmares and pitfalls as much as possible. I am committed to success and would like to be able to bring more production back to America by seeing new brands succeed. This year, I would love to work with at least 15 new brands to help them bring their production and development dreams to life.

Currently, I am working with an AMAZING line called Calle Del Mar. We make really special items for this brand where we make the fabric for them. It is really unique and special. I love all my brands though and I am inspired by all of them.

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I created this factory so that brands could avoid the nightmares, headache and pitfalls that have destroyed countless brands before they’ve ever had a chance to succeed.  We love the fact that brands can come directly to a full-service factory, and our team will see their vision through from beginning to end. We are committed to their success.

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 Contacting Factories

Contact Lefty Productions Co. through Maker’s Row! We also have nearly 10,000 other factories in apparel, accessories, furniture, packaging, and more to choose from!

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Manufacturing in California

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