What is Maker’s Row Project Software?

Getting a great idea for a product is an inspirational feeling, until you start considering the work that’s involved. Whether you’re a big brand or a first time maker, there is a desire to find the most efficient way to streamline production of an idea. As a response, Maker’s Row has launched Projects, a virtual one-stop shop software where you can organize and communicate details in order to get from design to production. Projects will move your ideas from the basic sketch to your first order, seamlessly.

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What is Projects?

Projects connects you to relevant manufacturers by location, specialty, and much more. You can create an online portfolio with the details of your product (material, stitching, etc) and special instructions on how you want your finished product to look. Projects also allow your network of manufacturers to efficiently collaborate and manage the production of your goods.

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Why Use It?

  • It’s Free: There is no cost to use the program. Just log in and start working on a project.
  • One Reference: Projects is a great way to keep all the details and instructions of your product in one place.  This will make it easy to reference as you vet factories and work with multiple supplier to get your idea to production.
  • Better Communication: We’ve created a simple way to tell factories exactly what you need. Our cloud-based tools are the new industry standard for product creation. Projects will walk you through all the information that factories need so you can feel confident that nothing is left out or overlooked.
  • Save time: Projects connects you with over 10,000 American factories, instantly. With all of your files in one place, our cloud-based solution allows you to keep your network of factories informed and updated.
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How It Works?

Create your project in 3 easy steps:

1. Fill Out Basic Information

Projects will ask you some basic information to help you and potential partners identify the project.

  • Product Name
  • Industry
  • Category
  • Product Description

Optional Information to include: Budget Range, Quality, Cost per Unit, Retail Price

2. Tell Us Product Details for Production

In this section, Projects will run you through the 6 steps in preparation for production.  Each step includes a basic guide to instruct you on what information to include for each step.

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3. Upload Images 

Upload any images that will help clarify your expected outcome.  This is a good section to include your sketches, or a sample that would explain to factories what the end result will look like.


Once you’ve finished detailing your project, you will have the option to make it public or private.  Making your project will allow factories to view it.  This means that when we launch project bids, your projects will be publicized and available for bidding.

public projects

Here’s what a finished project looks like:

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Congrats! Now you are ready to start your own project.

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