Why Attend Trade Shows?

Why Attend Trade Shows?

You’ve spent countless hours, designing, crafting and creating your vision and now you’re ready to get your product in front of retailers. Many companies choose to take their wares to market to introduce their creations and to reach a broad, diverse group of buyers.  There are many furniture trade shows throughout the year that will allow brands to do exactly just that. Dallas Market Center, known for its large base of loyal buyers, represents a great opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to expand their selling potential.


Get Ready to Show Your Products

Now you know the where, but how do you get there? To achieve your market goals, it is important to understand all of the factors that contribute to a successful market experience. Here are a few simple questions to ask yourself before you purchase bubble wrap:

1. What’s unique about your product?

Does your product offer something beneficial or introduce something new to the market? Do you have the ability to increase production if necessary? And when can you deliver?

2. Have you accurately accounted for all expenses?

Plan ahead and budget costs for booth, travel and set-up. Find the right fit for your business. We offer three main ways to exhibit at Dallas Market Center: take a temporary show space, lease permanent space in a showroom or work with a multiline rep agency, where an independent wholesale sales rep agrees to showcase your line in their leased space.

3. Are you prepared with the right marketing tools?

Creating brand awareness is key to promoting yourself before, during and after market. Have you familiarized yourself with your buyers and your potential buyers? Are you utilizing social media to advertise and market yourself? Think about the various marketing channels available to reach your buyers before you’re at market.  

Ready to know more about what the market has to offer? Let’s explore what’s in store.

Know What’s Important to You

Remember while at a trade show, the priorities and goals that led you to exhibit.

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If you are looking for a specific company to connect with, make sure to do your research.  Know about their company history, vision, mission, CEO, etc. It will be helpful to decide what your opener and “hook” will be.  How will you be different than the other companies that might also approach them? Lastly, figure out your pitch.  How will you spark their interest in order to exchange contacts? Think of a win-win pitch: What can you offer them in exchange for what you are asking them for?


If American-Made is an important factor consider attending the Dallas Market Center .  In June, they present the American Made Show at the Total Home & Gift Market as well as the Holiday & Home Expo, the Dallas Total Housewares & Gourmet Market, the Temp Show and International Folk Art Market Collection. The Market also provides resources and education by featuring industry leaders, keynote speakers, seminars, and events.

Sara Kerens, DMC June 2015

Sara Kerens, DMC June 2015

Here are 5 American-Made brands that are located in their permanent showrooms:

  • American Leather – located in Contempo Designs WTC 11025
  • BSC (formerly Best Slipcover Company) – located in BSC corporate showroom WTC 521.B
  • Massoud-located in Design Directions WTC 11000
  • Lee Industries – located in Design Directions WTC 11000
  • AntlerWorx – located in Ethan and Associates WTC 11006

Capturing and Converting Clients

You will see hundreds of potential buyers at the trade shows.  It is important to have a strategy to capture their attention and information in order to continue communicating with them once the trade show ends. Consider taking a tablet or another mobile device with you to collect information and offer customers a discount or gift for registering with you.

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Learning to navigate the market is an exciting experience. I have come to know that preparation is key, not just to successful exhibiting, but also to building a brand with longevity.

For more information, visit the Dallas Market Centers website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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