What is the Maker Movement?

Hobbies like woodworking, crocheting, sewing, jewelry making, screen printing, and others are more popular than ever. It seems like there is a trend of people making things with their hands. But, when the President creates the first National Week of Making (which the Maker’s Row team was excited to be a part of!)–it starts to become more than a trend, it’s something that is becoming the future of entrepreneurship.

More and more people are becoming “DIYers” and “Makers”. However, those terms could be taken in a broad sense. It can be someone who bakes a cake in their kitchen or makes a piece of jewelry or cuts and sews their own clothes. However, at the center of this is ingenuity and creativity. Makers are creative people who are inventing, reinventing, and creating.

Today, there are forums and websites dedicated to inspiration for DIYers and makers. Pinterest and Instagram have become a bed of visual inspiration for everything, from desserts to crafts to clothes. YouTube is rich with so many tutorials and how-to’s that anyone can make nearly anything right from their own home. More importantly, there are so many resources for DIYers and makers to take their hobby to the next level.

Sites like Kickstarter, GoFundMe, and Maker’s Row are empowering makers to launch and scale their businesses, as well as make their work available to the masses. DIY projects are becoming businesses that people are able to live off of. You can crowd fund your business through Kickstarter or GoFundMe.  At Maker’s Row, you can bring your DIY project or hobby to life using our project software, that can guide you through the process of getting your project produced.

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Maker Faire, an event showcasing creativity and invention in arts, crafts, engineering, science projects and Do-It-Yourself (DIY). Here’s what they had to say in celebration of the Maker Movement:

Many makers are hobbyists, enthusiasts or students (amateurs!)–but they are also a wellspring of innovation, creating new products and producing value in the community. Some makers do become entrepreneurs and start companies.

These Maker Faire’s have become so popular that the White House has even hosted one in 2014. President Obama spoke about the Maker Movement saying:

Today’s DIY is tomorrow’s Made in America. Your projects are examples of a revolution that’s taking place in American manufacturing — a revolution that can help us create new jobs and industries for decades to come.

There is an endless supply of resources to help you get started. We’ve also fostered a community of thousands of makers who are eager to help someone join the movement. What’s stopping you from making the leap? Grab your sewing machine or hammer or whatever tools you need, draw up your ideas, and join the Maker Movement!

Ready to join the movement?

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